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1. What is ME-KATEM

ME-KATEM is a cooling-water treatment system in which medaka (killifish or Cyprinodont) can live. The applications of the system range from a cooling system of small cooling capacity to a large-scale system for thousands of tons of refrigeration.The system protects various lines of cooling water from scale, rust, and slime without using any chemicals.

With the Pollutants Release and Transfer Register (PRTR) put in effect, the regulations of the chemical substances discharged from industrial facilities are increasingly tightened year after year. Most of our customers cite the high energy saving performance for the adoption of ME-KATEM.
The basic configuration of ME-KATEM includes both an electron-wave water treatment unit (for scale removal, scale deposition prevention, corrosion prevention), and ME-Bio (for decomposition of slime, algae, and Legionella bacteria).However, either the unit or ME-Bio may be used by itself depending on the operating conditions or environment.

Our electron-wave water treatment units installed in the field have shown about 10% reductions of energy consumption (fuel oil, electricity, and gases) as the units remove cooling-water scale and other deposits in the heat exchanger tubes.
Actual effects:
As electron waves are radiated spatially across the entire target equipment, they activate cooling water, as well as cold water, hot water, fuel oil, etc.As a result, contaminants deposited over years in the equipment are gradually cleaned, achieving energy savings.
An example:
On a site of a major electric-appliance manufacturer in Japan, electron-wave water treatment units were installed at the absorption water cooling/heating machines (3,600 kW in total) of direct fuel oil firing type of all cooling water systems, where fuel oil consumptions were compared before and after the installation.The consumption reduced by 15% in summer and 8% in winter, or an annual average of approximately 10% energy savings.
Energy savings cannot be achieved without the power of decomposing and removing hard scale.
Installation of the unit is a simple process. Place the unit (weighing only 3.1 kg) near the target equipment, connect a single lead wire (earth wire) to the equipment, and fix two electron-wave emitting electrodes facing towards the equipment.The input power is 100 Va-c.The electron waves radiated from the emitting electrodes through air space are absorbed in the target equipment and propagated in the water.This method of water treatment is unprecedented in the world.Just increase the number of electron-wave units, and they can treat thousands to millions of kilowatts of water.

The electron waves used in this unit are derived from weak visible rays of an LED lamp, so they disappears 15 meters away.If the transmitting electrodes are fixed farther away from the target equipment, their effects wear off.
Track records:
The electron-wave water treatment units are adopted, together with our bio products, on all cooling water systems of many laboratories, offices, and plants of top-ranked companies.In one example of red water prevention, the units are installed on a 1,500-ton water receiving tank of a manufacturing plant to prevent corrosion in the entire feed-water pipe from the main to the faucets.Removal of red water by the electron-wave water treatment units is implemented in many housing complexes.
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