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3-1. ME-Bio
Material Safety Data Sheet
(1) Company Identification
Asahi INC. (President: Yasuo Sakakura)
60-9 Oaza-dai, Hidaka-shi, Saitama 350-1253
TEL: 042-948-6201 FAX: 042-948-6216

Date of creation: July 22, 2001
(2) Product Name
(3) Composition, Information on Ingredients
Natural aerobic active enzyme and microbes
Natural diatomite
(4) Hazards Identification
Physical and chemical hazard: Not applicable
Adverse human health effects: Not applicable
Environment effects: Not applicable
(5) First-Aid Measures
Eye contact: Immediately flush eyes with a large amount of water.
Skin contact: No need for first aid.
Inhalation: No need for first aid.
Ingestion: Rinse mouth with water.
(6) Fire Extinguishing Measures
Fire extinguishing method: No particular method is required.
(7) Accidental Release Measures
No particularly required.
(8) Handling and Storage
Handling: Open the pack immediately before use and put all the mass to use. If the product is left unpacked, its effect is lost as ME-Bio flies away. The valid period is six months.
Storage: Hermetically seal the product and store it in a cool, less humid place out of direct sunlight
(9) Exposure Controls, Personal Protection
Personal Protective Equipment
Respiratory protection: Not particularly required.
Eye protection: Not particularly required except where the product may splash.
Protective gloves: Not particularly required.
Protective clothing: Not particularly required.
(10) Physical and Chemical Properties
Appearance: whitesmoke.
True specif gravity: 2.3
Solubility: diatomite, used as a filler, does not dissolve.
(11) Information on Hazards (Stability and Reactivity)
Flash point: Not applicable.
Firing point: Not applicable.
Volatilization limits
Upper limit: Not applicable
Lower limit: Not applicable
Ignitability (spontaneous ignition, and reactivity with water): Not applicable
Oxidizability: Not applicable
Auto-reactivity and explosibility: Not applicable
Dust explosibility: Not applicable
Stability and reactivity: Good stability and no reactivity
(12) Toxicological Information
Skin corrosion: Not applicable
Irritation (skin, eye): Does not irritate skin. Eye is irritated if exposed to diatomite.
Acute Toxicity: LC50 > 10,000mg/L (Acute toxicity test on himedaka)
EC50 > 10,000mg/L (Activated sludge respiration inhibition test)
(13) Ecological Information
Resolvability: Good. However, diatomite is not resolvable.
Toxic accumulation: Not applicable
Fish toxicity: See the above description about LC50.
Activated sludge toxicity: See the above description about EC50.
(14) Disposal Consideration
Diatomite does not resolve.
(15) Transport Information
Packaging that guards against direct sunlight is required.
(16) Regulatory Information
No particular regulatory information.

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