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2. Voltage Generator:ME-5200-B
Energy Saving, Water Saving, Red Water Removal, Descaling, Corrosion (Rust) Prevention
Tap water, cooling water, cold water
Hot water, hot-water supply, raw water, hot spring
Various heat exchangers
Compressor, boiler
* Introduction to Voltage Generator
* Voltage Generator (Large Size) Instruction Manual
* Electron-Wave Water Treatment Unit (Small Size) Instruction Manual
* Scale Removal, Scale Deposition Prevention, Corrosion (Rust) Prevention
* Installation Examples of Electron-Wave Water-Treatment Unit
* Precautions
As the light from the LED lamp enters the vibrating light receiver, it is converted to vibrating electron waves that resonate the target object.

The ME-5200-B carries this wave motion on high-frequency waves and radiates it over the target object, equipment, piping, or water surface.
The ME-5050-B carries the wave motion on a current through a cord and feeds it into the target equipment or pipe.The wave motion does not pass through the water, but it is entirely absorbed in the water and therefore resonates the water.

The wave motion has the power of: (1) preventing corrosion/rusting, (2) reducing the iron content of a large quantity water to (or less than) the counterpart value of the make-up water in a single day, (3) descaling, (4) and proliferating aerobic good microbes.

However, the wave motion cannot decompose organic matter such as algae, so that ME-Bio is used as necessary.

The expected results are about 10% of energy and water savings, and reductions in various maintenance costs.ME-KATEM (vibrating electron wave + aerobic good microbes) is creating an industrial water environment that can live and act harmoniously with the ecosystems of nature.
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In water, vibrating electron waves (about 540 nm in wavelength) propagate at a speed of one meter per second while resonating the water.
The electron waves are a composite of three waveforms: (1) waveform for corrosion (rust) prevention, (2) waveform for decomposing the bonding strength of scale such as silica/calcium compounds, and (3) wavelength for proliferating aerobic good microbes.These waveforms are "plus" energies that give reducing power, decomposition power, activation power.

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