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"Aerobic Good Microbes" in Action in the Industrial World
(2002/12 issue of trade journal "Setsubi to Kanri (Facilities and Maintenance)," P.57-62, Ohmsha)

ME-Bio is a legion of aerobic good microbes of biological beings, fixated in diatomaceous powder. This article describes how ME-Bio is actually used in cooling water, cold water, sewage water, etc., and presents a theory constructed from field applications.
1 Examples of Track Records
2 Aerobic good microbes
3 Unfolding into Industrial Sector
4 A Barrier
5 Accidental Patent
6 Electron-Wave Water Treatment Unit
7 Field Examples
8 Comparison of ME-Bio and Chemicals
9 Characteristics of Aerobic good microbes
10 Decomposition of Mineral Oil

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