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Verification of Effects of Physical Water Treatment Unit
(2004/10 issue of trade journal "Setsubi to Kanri (Facilities and Maintenance)," P.100-107, Ohmsha

This articles provides practical examples of an anticorrosion technology using vibrating electron waves of visible light rays and discusses its theory. When considering harmless water treatment methods toward our common goal of environment, physical equipment that allows for prediction of conditions in piping in 10 years is needed.
1 Background to Surveys
2 Field Outline and Survey Results
3 Perceiving the Effects
4 Theoretical Consideration (1) -- Rust Circuit
5 Theoretical Consideration (2) -- What is Excitation?
6 Theoretical Consideration (3) -- Iron and Copper in Oxygen
7 Theoretical Consideration (4) -- Soil and Rust in Rice Paddies
8 Theories (Inferences) 1 + 2 = Effect
9 Microorganism-Induced Corrosion Phenomenon

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